Religion & National Origin Discrimination

Ever since our founding fathers put it in writing, the right to freedom of religion has been one of the building blocks of America. Federal and Florida laws have been enacted over the years to further protect this foundational tenet. Closely associated with this is the freedom from discrimination based on a person’s national origin.

However, despite the rights these laws guarantee and the fact that employers have a legal obligation to accommodate religious practices whenever possible, religious and national origin discrimination continues to exist. It can be in the form of:

  • Derogatory comments about a person’s religion or national origin that create a hostile workplace.

  • Forbidding certain styles of clothing or hairstyles related to religion, such as a turban, yarmulke or a Sikh’s long hair and beard.

  • Terminating an employee or scheduling mandatory work events that conflict with time off needed to observe an officially recognized religious holiday.

  • Refusal to accommodate religious practices such as prayers or Sabbath observance when doing so would not create an undue burden on an employer.

  • Denying promotions, raises, hiring or other benefits due to religious beliefs.

Randy Fleischer has been protecting the religious and national origin rights of clients for more than two decades. He is a passionate defender who aggressively advocates for an employee’s rights to make sure they can enjoy the same freedoms that were part of the principles our nation was founded on.

Prior to opening his practice, Mr. Fleischer was a victim of religious discrimination. He filed EEOC charges before starting law school and filed a pro bono federal lawsuit before his third year. Before graduation Mr. Fleischer settled his case and started his discrimination practice, helping others who are victims of discrimination.

Mr. Fleischer works closely with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to enforce Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination against individuals because of their religion. He also negotiates with employers to make sure they reasonably accommodate the religious practices of an employee through an adjustment in the work environment or in work practices such as flexible scheduling or job reassignments. But when it is necessary, he will file and claim and seek damages for his clients as well.

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