Race Discrimination

While all forms of discrimination are unacceptable, perhaps the most insidious of all forms is racial discrimination. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, all forms of race-based discrimination are illegal, and this has been reaffirmed through numerous federal court decisions as well as a whole host of state-based civil rights laws.

As the world has become a much smaller place through travel and technological advancements, cultures have blended like never before. While that blending has led to an even richer diversity in America, it has also led to a lot more cases where discrimination based on race and color takes place.

Through 25 years of legal practice, Randy Fleischer has worked on numerous cases of racial discrimination that extends to all parts of society, ranging from education and housing to borrowing and lending, to voting and police misconduct.

However, in his experience, Mr. Fleischer has focused on employment-based racial discrimination. This has taken many forms, including an employer who fails to hire or promote someone based on the color of their skin, or an employee who is harassed by other employees, including jokes, offensive comments or physical conduct that leads to a hostile workplace.

Mr. Fleischer is thoroughly versed in all aspects of Title VII, which is the part of the Civil Rights Act that deals specifically with race-based employment discrimination.

Title VII states, in part, that equal employment opportunity cannot be denied due to the marriage of someone who is of another race or to someone who has an association with ethnic based groups or organizations. It also extends to places where someone chooses to worship or if they dress in a manner consistent with their ethnicity, as long as these practices do not materially interfere with the performance of a person’s job.

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