Civil Rights Litigation

People living in America have basic civil rights under which they cannot be discriminated against because of their military status, skin color, national origin, gender, religion, disability , sexual orientation or sexual identity. These rights are protected by a series of federal legislations and by supporting federal case law.

But as America continues to become more diverse, some people are not as tolerant of these differences as others, leading to more cases of civil rights violations and hate crimes.

The Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division enforces federal criminal laws involving hate crimes. They work hand in hand with the FBI to investigate complaints and protect victims in certain ongoing situations.

For more than a quarter of a century, The Law Offices of Randy Fleischer has been at the forefront of championing Americans whose civil rights have been violated. He has immersed himself in fighting against discrimination of all kinds, including age, sexual harassment, mental and physical disability, in addition to handling civil rights cases.

His experience also extends to victims of hate crimes where he has fought for the defense of people who have been subjected to violence ranging from verbal threats and vandalism to physical violence up to and including the use of deadly weapons. Mr. Fleischer has gained valuable insights into protecting the rights of his clients while balancing their needs against adding to tensions that can lead to larger scale community-wide confrontations.

Mr. Fleischer’s additional civil rights experience results from serving many years as the Chair of the Broward County Human Rights Board and spending time as the Chair and Vice Chair of Broward District’s School Board Diversity Committee.

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